Don't Spend Your Weekend Watering Your Plants

Don't Spend Your Weekend Watering Your Plants

Keep them healthy with a sprinkler installation in McKinney, TX

Having a beautiful yard means having a healthy yard. But you don't have to drag a watering can around for hours. You can water your grass, bushes and flowers efficiently with a sprinkler installation.

Waterfalls Land Care is a landscaping company in McKinney, TX. We understand proper plant care and can help you design a sprinkler system that will give your yard efficient coverage. You'll be able to keep your plants watered without a second thought and enjoy greener landscaping.

Schedule a sprinkler installation in McKinney, Texas by contacting us today.

Get help with your landscaping project

If you want to update your landscaping or completely redesign it, our landscaper can help. We provide all kinds of landscaping services. We can help you with...

Tree and bush trimming
Outdoor lighting installation
Weed removal
Garden planting

Our landscaper will work with you to design your yard how you want it. If you need help keeping it healthy, we'll lend a green thumb.

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